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Satan in Clouds Images

Satan in the skies?
Watch the Image below and you decide!


Yes—The Gate is opened. Read Revelation 20; 1-15 The Devil has been cast down unto the earth. As the Bible States—“That your sins have reached the heavens. And then I seen the devil fall like lighting from the skies." In other words God drop-kicked him to the earth where we ourselves have unlocked his GATE.

The devil’s greatest achievement is that people don’t believe he exists. There is a spiritual battle going on in this world, and there isn’t a soul on earth that can hide from it. But there is hope because a good man is never alone in this world and even lost souls can be saved, for we are all chosen by God and all of us can stand against the darkness in His light!

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Like it or not we opened the gate and now we ourselves must suffer the consequences. Can you see the truth? We can’t escape the fate that the devil is now freed from hell and now we got no choice but to burn in hell or turn to God. You make the choice, all other options or gone. This web-page is a warning—Wake up, the time is at hand.


The reason his time is short is because God will not let him influence and corrupt what is good. God will remove what is Good and reap His harvest of good people. That which remains will be shut behind Hell's Gate in an everlasting fire. Where will you be in that final hour?


The devil has cast a spell on mankind which enveloped knowledge from God. The word of God proclaims, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Each little peace of God is desperately trying to communicate with your Spirit.

As you can see from this image that the Devil's always trying to get in the way.

As you can see from this factory fire that which is plane as day. I didn't need to draw this one out. Well nonetheless the devil is running loose and what will happen next is only a question of when, where and what. Is this just one of them things you over-look or would you say it would be wise to take it into your heart that Satan is here and is going to bring his havoc and sweep it crossed the globe? As the book of Revelation states; "Because he knows that his time is short."