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The Revelation Library

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Life’s most important answers are found in asking the right questions.

Because you have arrived here, it’s highly probable that God wants to guide you to something better. Congratulations. You’re on your way to a better way of life, a positive way and a new day filled with limitless possibilities.

The Great Library of Revelation is nothing less than a sword for the mind. Through these quotes and insights you will become more aware of God’s presence in your life, giving you hope, faith, courage, peace, confidence, ambition, purpose and self-discovery.

A wonderful story, giving you a great start as to the power of positive thinking. Often times the truth is hidden just under the surface of a quote. This Introduction shows you how to capture the real essence of a quote and the power thereof.

Many of these quotes will most certainly make you pause and think more deeply into any given subject, connecting you, guiding you, defining you, weather you’re looking up or out. They will most certainly guide you into a better you and therefore a better life. Whatever the need of the moment, your answer is here. This collection of choice thoughts are meant for use as a handy reference when you need guidance on a particular problem in your life. No matter what your need, the answer is here.

As God said “Seek and ye shall find.”

To Purchase The Great Library of Revelation (Paperback Book) from Cafe' Press     Click Here

Author Kenneth K Cain