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Imagine a world in which every person has a part in making it a better place for all. That's what we're doing and we need your help.

Have you ever asked yourself; "How can I change the world?" "What difference can I make?" "Can I make the world a better place for all?" The truth is that no one person can change the world alone. It can only be done through a team effort. Granted, not everyone is a global thinker but everyone can be global changers through the efforts of teamwork.

Help us to empower the world with free knowledge!

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Your contribution can help us reach more people.

We can be global changers together by meeting this goal head on. Through your support we can maintain development and distribution of this work. Dream Revelations relies on public support to keep this world changing movement up and running.

 You too can be a world changer. Would you like to be a world changer? This is your chance. Your part is just as important as mine. We can change the world together. Think of it as a chain where one link supports the other. We're all linked in one way or another but it has come a time that we must start supporting each other for the sake of all humanity. You can't put a price on a human soul. The world is lost from lack of knowledge and creative ideas. The Light of Revelation gives you a look at what man is becoming but with your help we can change that and give people an opportunity to be world changers through creative thinking and Godly inspiration.  I have made it a personal point to dedicate this web-site to the people in order to make it most affective in influencing  people around the world to be creative and therefore affecting the entire world. Indeed, Dream Revelations holds the keys to a better world. The only thing missing is you. The distribution of this work is crucial. We can make the world a better place by giving people hope for a better future, a creative future. A life of Godly thinking can be a very strong driving force. With your help we can affect the world with a positive chain reaction. We can make the world a better place for all by helping one person at a time. Help us to make a difference. Our goal is to provide free knowledge and wisdom to every person in the world. Marketing and distribution of the content of this web-site is very important. I pray that you can see the hope that we are offering.  The world is a big place and we need your support. How many lost souls can be reached is our goal? How many people can we touch through this chain of truth? Your part is very important, without you there is a break in the chain,  therefore stopping short in reaching people. This doesn’t work unless we do. These ideas are world changing ideas and can be beneficial to all but they will not work if people never receive them. The chain reaction only works through a team effort. Will you be a team player in helping us? The name of the game is saving lost souls and helping others find their place in God.  Will you join our winning team? Welcome aboard.

For those of you who cant afford to give finical support there are other ways that you to can support this globule movement. Getting people here is the key, God will do the rest. Would you like to help us pass out our Business Cards? This is also a link in the chain. We’ve made it simple for all to have a part in shaping the world into a better place. You don’t even need to speak to a person to bless them with eternal life. We’ve made it easy.

You can hand them out, or  put them in a money machine or a gas pump crated card slot. Pin one up at work. Everyone wants their dreams to come true. With your help we can make that a possibility for all. Creativity is the bases of this web site, changing a darkened spirits  thinking to better shade of light. By doing this we enable people to influence the world through creative thinking and inspirational thoughts shared. This is how the world becomes a better place. This is a simple concept and you can be a part of it.

The ideas of a globule thinker can only go as far as the people of the world allow them to go. The realm of  possibilities only exists if each person does their part.

Thanks for your support.