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The Billy Baggins Report

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 Hello I’m Billy Baggins and what I’m about to propose is both highly lucrative and knowledgeable. Now, if that’s not your brand of vodka…have a safe journey. No hard feelings. Otherwise come with me. I’ll be Hosting this—what the hell ever it is.

A Boy speaks out loud behind the seen—


"This is not a nice place you have here, Billy. I’ve been here 2 minutes and I already feel sorry for myself."

Billy speaks out to this outburst—"Hey ain't you Tommy Randall’s kid from Chicago?"


 Billy—"It's nice there. You like it there?"



Billy"That’s wonderful. Now shut the hell up. Now where was I at? Oh- It would help if you looked at me as a mix from some Geraldo, Tim Brokaw, Al Roker, Al Pacino, Dan Rather, Mike Wallace, Clint Eastwood, Ted Koppel, Peter Jennings, Brad Pitt, Diane Sawyer...OOP’S Sorry… But who am I you ask?"


"I exist in a world beyond your world. What you only fantasize I do. I live a life where nothing is beyond me. Is it all a façade you ask? For all of my charm and charisma, my wealth, my expensive toys…I am nothing short of a driven unflinching, calculating machine."


"To be blunt—I am the man, the chief, the big cheese, the head honcho, uno #1. Well anyway I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but I am one bad boy. That’s right, Daddy’s in the house. Ok now that we are done talking about me—what do you think about me? You don’t have to answer that question. I already know. I’m on fire-blowing up-smokin'. Thank You, Thank You, You’re the best, Thank You. OOPS sorry… sometimes I get off track. Anyways— I am doing interviews with different people on several different subjects. All in which revolve around God, Truth, Justice and Positive Thinking. I am not your normal reporter. I have presented my thoughts (Billy Baggins) and the thoughts of others Guest stars and Overseers of this show as a twist.

Billy's Camera man Speaking out to Billy"Billy! Keep it short and to the point, you’re going to lose them."


Camera Man's Thoughts—Zooming in tighter yet he captures the stark drama at great personal risk. Was I afraid? Well at moments like this you don’t think about yourself. You think about the focus, you think about the final cut, you think about the 11:00 news—everybody counting on you.

Camera Man’s Favorite QuoteWorry is the darkroom in which negatives are developed.

Billy continues--"All of these stories are custom fit for their characters. They have their problems too. Some are funny-while others will drive you to better yourself. These interviews are very sharp and to the point. I’m talking about really getting into the heads of these Characters. Check it out. You’ll love what we’ve done. This mix is too much. Incredibly Positive while incredibly stupid at the same time. Try to look at it this way—as people we all have a right and left side or to say a smart guy and a dumb guy, a positive guy and a negative guy, a good guy and a bad guy."


God Quotes--"Water which is too pure will have no fish."

God's Hidden ThoughtsI deserve a medal for loneliness…but who on earth would think of nominating me?                                               

Billy Continues-- "Let me simplify it for you Let's see how dumb the Negative Guy truly is? Positive thinking with a dummy in the background—He too has his opinion. Take a look and see how this twist all comes together. You’re going to love it. I hope you enjoy them as much as I loved making them."

 My name is Billy Baggins and I’m in your corner."


To Purchase The Billy Baggins Report (Paperback Book) from Cafe' Press Click Here